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Celebrating the Accomplishments of 

Our Community

Through our trade journal, we're committed to providing a platform for film and television production crew members across the US.

THE periodical trade paper printed, published and preferred by production professionals in motion pictures, television, stage and music.

About Us

Screen Arts Moving Pictures LLC was established in New York, New York, on August 23, 2019, by James Carmicle. He decided to start the business to provide reading material to people working in the film and television industries.

About the Publisher

My career in teaching on film and television sets began in 2019. I moved from California back to New York City, retiring after twenty-seven years as an educator in elementary, middle, and high schools.

I am certified with a California professional clear single subject credential (English) and a multiple subject credential. I earned a California Studio Teacher license and now tutor both California and local students who work on film and television productions across the country. Instruction by a certificated teacher is required by law on film and TV sets.

All minors who are child actors also receive the benefit of being assigned a teacher/welfare worker who is charged with protecting their health, safety, and morals while they are employed by film studios.

Company Mission

How can the unsung heroes of film and television production be recognized and celebrated as professionals of their craft? A trade journal that covers news and accomplishments of company and crew members is needed to provide interesting and necessary information about this group of professionals.

STAGE & SCREEN QUARTERLY is poised to respond to this need by featuring who these professionals are, what they do each workday to bring film and television productions to life, and why their work is so important in meeting the demands and tasks that bring stories to the stage and screen.

STAGE & SCREEN QUARTERLY will acknowledge company and crew to recognize their contributions in the theatrical business. This publication can provide a forum for these professionals to communicate, to share best practices, and to celebrate their successes in the film, television, and stage industries.

Personal Statement*

Each day my philosophy of teaching becomes more focused and more precise. I work to assure that wisdom and knowledge are hallmarks of my classroom. This is not just a place to learn academics, this is a place to instill future personal success. And how does that future personal success happen? It begins with respectstudent respect for me and my respect for them. When a teacher earns that, shared values grow. Students--sometimes isolated or unsure or intimidatednow feel understood and appreciated. When their teacher models perseverance, resilience and hope, they feel someone cares, really cares. Now something great happensthe feeling of being accepted, being valued, being honored, being validated and being appreciated. What if there is a student reluctant to speak out in class? My students are safe, my rules are fair, my field of vision is inclusive and my belief is unwavering. Once that student speaks, even if the answer falls short, we help tweak it to perfection. Will that student speak again? You bet. Someone listened, even if just for a moment. My philosophy for teaching, you ask? Teachers believed in me the same way I believed in them. Passionate and caring teachers help them succeed. Great teachers go further. They show them how to live lives of promise, of anticipation, of happiness and of personal accomplishment. We move forward together, student and teacher, determined and sure of our destination, searching for the successful prize that waits out there, just ahead.

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